Men's Shed

Updated: Aug 25

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Men's Shed

Men's Shed

The Men's Stour is a great place to socialise, share and learn skills. We are open Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 10:00am to 3:00pm.

The facility is located in the Old Transport Garages in the car park across from the main Tricuro Building, and allows for men to come together and use or update their woodworking skills in a relaxed, informal, and friendly atmosphere. The shed is fully equipped and has all the tools you’ll need to produce the best quality wooden products including woodturning lathes, electric saws, drills, clamps, hand tools and of course, raw wooden materials. Many of the products created by the guys can be found on sale at various outlets such as “Bright Blooms Florists” in Shaftesbury and the “Twice But Nice” charity shop here at the centre.

So far, the guys at the Men’s Shed have created hedgehog houses, bug hotels, candle stick holders, doll’s houses and props for theatre production.

Men's Shed Open Week

During the week of 12th to 18th August the Men's Shed hosted an Open Week. This was organised by George and Tim in order to allow people from outside to have a look around and to see what the guys did at the shed, as well as seeing the guys working on their projects. The idea was also to introduce new people to the shed and to invite new members to join. All visitors were made welcome and offered tea and biscuits. The Open Week was a great success and many new people showed a lot of interest, some wanting to become new members.

If you are interested in joining the group, you will be welcome to come along and use any of our facilities. You do not need to be referred, and there is no charge to use these facilities. Why not arrange to come and visit and see over the facilities for yourself?

To arrange, phone us on 01258 471359 or email George on: or Tim on: and we will arrange for you to be shown around the premises.

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