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Volunteer Roles


If you are interested in volunteering and have a few hours to spare, we have the following roles available.


Café Helpers

Fancy helping out at our Community Café? We are looking for café helpers/assistants who have an interest in catering. You will be involved in running our Community Café at the Stour Connect Centre. You will get to meet new people and become a valued member of our team, and whilst you are here we will pay for your Food and Hygiene training.

Garden Helpers/'Shedders'

If you have an interest in gardening or woodworking, why not help out in one of the schemes and get involved with our volunteer role opportunties? You don't have to have any specific skills, just come along and get stuck in! We are also happy to hear from anybody who has skills or has a keen interest in woodworkers/recycling/upcycling and/or horticulture. Please contact us at the number below for more information.

Also if you have a passion and desire about our local community and are keen to become involved in our charity please contact us on 01258 473439.

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