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"Give a Little Love"

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Give a Little Love

Every 3 months Waitrose & Partners donates money to local charities by the collection of tokens from shoppers. Whichever of the three designated charities receives the most tokens receive the donation. In March the Friends of Stour Connect received the topmost number of tokens so therefore Waitrose awarded us with a donation of £250. We would like to send out a huge
THANK YOU to Waitrose & Partners for their kind donation. Without donations such as these our charity couldn’t function and therefore would not be able to offer the services that we do. Many vulnerable and disadvantaged people who rely on our charity would suffer. We are still in need of donations for us to be able to extend our services and offer an even better services and projects to the local community. If you would like to offer us a donation, please contact us on: 01258 471359. Thank you!

Friends of Stour Connect

Stour View Close, Sturminster Newton, DT10 1JF | 01258 472 957

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